The Benefits of Assistive Technology

We are able to design and recommend AT systems for people who have lost or never had the ability to speak – enabling them to have a voice of their own.

Many modern technology systems require a high level of manual dexterity to operate small buttons, making it difficult or even impossible for some people with complex disabilities. This is where assistive technology can help and make a real difference. There are straightforward typing systems available for those unable to access a PC using a traditional keyboard and mouse.

Assistive technology can also cover home and environmental controls. This could be door, window and gate openers, control over heating and air-conditioning, position control for an electronically adjustable bed or chair or video entry systems to ensure the safety of those who are vulnerable in their own home.

We recommend assistive technology products that are user-friendly, enabling people to communicate and access systems in their own environment. This helps to encourage independence and improve an individual’s ability to interact more freely.

We are able to recommend, provide and install a range of assistive technology systems combining our own AT innovations with those from a range of other AT suppliers, ensuring the individuals we support get the most appropriate technology for them and their needs.

Our Aims

At Malvern Scientific we are focused on providing sophisticated but simple-to-use assistive technology to enable people who have a disability to live within the boundaries they set and not those set by their disability. Our solutions help people with disabilities to live more independently, with technology suited to their individual needs.

Our experienced team design assistive technology that is intuitive, displaying the options in an easy-to-use manner, enabling your client and their family or care team to engage with the AT system and quickly become confident in its use.