At Malvern Scientific we develop innovative and outstanding assistive technology products and services for people with a broad range of abilities and disabilities.

Our products and services support people in their daily lives and help to increase their independence.

Established in 1998 and based in the idyllic surroundings of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, we are an experienced team delivering solutions to meet all of your assistive technology requirements.

What Malvern Scientific can do for you

One of our company directors, Dr Marc Beale, is an accomplished expert witness; he has assessed and written medico-legal reports for ‘over 500’ assessments and has ‘extensive experience’ experience of court appearances in the UK and Ireland.

At Malvern Scientific, we understand that you are looking for a reliable expert witness who can confidently demonstrate your client’s current and future assistive technology needs to the Court.

We provide expert witness services for both claimants and defendants throughout the UK and Ireland.

Through our expert witness work, we understand that many people have a need for bespoke assistive technology systems. We know that for many people with multiple and complex disabilities, off-the-shelf IT systems simply do not work. These clients are often effectively locked-in and we have particular expertise in this area.

Our in-house technical team develop assistive technology solutions for users with a wide range of disabilities, providing solutions for communication, accessing entertainment and operating home controls.

At Malvern Scientific, we offer assistive technology consultancy services to individuals and organisations, providing advice and support on all aspects of assistive technology including implementing new AT systems and programming or updating existing systems. We are also able to offer full training and support where required.
Assistive Technology Experts

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is a technology product or service that maintains or improves the ability of individuals with disabilities or impairments to communicate, learn, and live independent, fulfilling and productive lives.

Assistive technology is used in all settings, at home, in education, in the workplace, in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and all types of residential care. It can be used by all ages, for a wide range of disabilities or impairments, and for a wide range of activities.


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